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Businesses are better when their teams have time to focus on work that matters.

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Making time to do more with our most precious resource

Time, it’s our most precious commodity, but perhaps our most undervalued. 

That’s why, at FuseWorks, we like to think of ourselves as time–miners. We exist to help accountants at all levels to create time, create opportunities, and most importantly, create growth – for you, your team, your business, and to help you do the same for your clients.

Whether it’s through a smart formula to help you get the answer sooner, a sophisticated solution designed to automate an entire workflow, or a fresh set of eyes to help you diagnose and resolve a system or process holding you and your team back – we are focused on bringing you innovative ideas and solutions to help you work smarter, so you have more time for work that matters.  

Turbocharging productivity across professional services

We’re here to help teams of all types work smarter and do more with less

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Automate the collation of your annual financial statement and report packages using FuseDocs, or create powerful visuals of group structures using FuseCharts.

Financial Planning

Automate the compilation of product disclosure documents and other compliance elements needed in Statement of Advice and Record of Advice documents using FuseDocs.


Visualise complex family arrangements using FuseCharts. Automate the generation and collation of letters and legal document packages using FuseDocs.

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When You Don’t Have Time – Make Time.

It’s amazing that even when the world is holding its collective breath in worry about the global pandemic, that our daily tasks and responsibilities don’t stop with it. When ways of working, kids at home, and total disruption to plans and events turn life upside down, it seems easy to feel like there’s no way to fit something new in – even if it will save you time.

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