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Easy to implement solutions designed to leverage your existing data

Work smarter with our range of easy-to-implement solutions that run alongside your existing practice management platforms and capitalise on the wealth of data you already have.

Work smarter, not harder

and give your team back their most valuable resource – time

A clearer View

As a practice manager you need fast and easy access to real time information about what’s really happening in your engine room, where the bottlenecks are, and where and when you can turn capacity into opportunity. 

View is an Excel add-on that capitalises on the wealth of data already sitting in your existing practice management solution to help you manage, monitor and maximise workflow, planning, and capacity. 

View’s simple interface and customised reporting features mean you’re one click away from accessing the insight your team needs to manage themselves effectively, and the oversight your business wants to do it efficiently.

  • Job-tracking and workflow reporting on team member/department/business levels
  • Annual forward forecasting and capacity planning
  • Business-wide progress and status reports for specific matters or job-types
  • Fully customisable reports display the information you’re most interested in
  • Integrates with your existing Practice Management platform

Compatible with

View reports live inside Microsoft Excel, and integrate directly with your practice management platform. You can view, at the click of a button, reports designed to show you the most important information for your practice and job management processes.

“View makes it easier to see and track important insights, the reports have improved the productivity of our advisers and client managers – the added visibility and automated alerts have saved us nearly $118,000 in billable capacity.”

Lever lives inside Microsoft Excel, and integrates directly with APS. You can view and edit client and team member matters and attributes at the click of a button, reducing double handling and cutting down on errors.

Leverage your biggest asset – data

Whether you’re desktop or cloud based, there is no denying that data is the backbone of our products and services, so it’s important that we look after it!

But how confident are you that your database is 100% accurate?

Lever is an Excel add-on that runs alongside APS and allows you to maintain your database integrity by updating client details and attributes (individually or in bulk) and push those changes directly into your practice management system at the click of a button.

Lever’s simple interface and customised features mean you’re just a click away from cleaning up data – across your entire practice.

Here is just a selection of the Levers you can pull:

  • Select and modify client attributes in bulk, grouped by partner
  • Easily “close” inactive or old matters across your entire client base
  • Update budgets for all milestones using % template at the click of a button
  • Reassign or update team members across all clients – handy when team members leave or jobs being reallocated.

Plus many more customised actions and functions!

Integrates with:

“Lever makes it easier to update our practice management database for large changes – particularly updating annual matters, or making changes when jobs need to be reallocated. We estimate it’s saving our team upwards of 150 hours annually in data handling alone!”

Create time, create opportunities

with simple, yet powerful, automation tools designed to save your team time; and generate quality, consistent outcomes every time.

Be alert, not alarmed with automated business email alerts

Your practice management system holds a wealth of information – but searching the same key figures every week or month can turn data mining into a minefield.

We can help you to tap into your existing data, implementing and activating automated alerts on a range of key business metrics direct to your inbox to help you better manage your people, your practice, and your clients.

It’s amazing how much data we capture – and there really is limitless potential when it comes to automating emails and alerts to improve your business processes, for example: 

  • when  actual time on a job reaches a certain % of its budget (assisting with tracking workflow and reducing write-offs); 
  • when an invoice reaches past its due date – to assist in debtor follow-up and cash flow management;
  • producing a milestone client birthday listing to improve client contact and relationships; and 
  • WIP management and control – to assist and prompt end of month fees. 

The alerts & triggers that are possible with this type of application are virtually limitless. 

Example of weekly email direct to your inbox showing clients whose invoices have recently fallen due

If you’re interested in implementing automated reporting and alerts from your own practice management system, we can suggest a number of common alerts used by other accounting practices that have implemented similar solutions. Register for a discovery session, or get in touch with us.

Find out how automation could help your business

Register for an online demonstration to chat about how your practice can reap the benefits of automation, or send us a message if you’d like to know more.


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