Productivity, Turbocharged

Keep it clean and shave your accounting fees

Automatically create BAS & IAS Bills in Xero, sharpen your cashflow, groom your reporting.

Integrates directly with your Xero file

1. Connect your Xero organisation

Click the Get Access button to instantly connect your Xero organisation to Razor

2. Select your published report

Once you’ve linked your organisation to Razor, select your published BAS or IAS report from the drop down box and nominate your required accounts

3. Publish your bill instantly

Publish your new bill at the click of a button with all tax components coded correctly

“Brilliant – this has made my bookkeeping so much easier on a day-to-day basis. I would highly recommend to anyone preparing BAS.”

Jenny Wilson, Dobbrick Financial Services

Keep your Xero file nice and tidy

Razor helps you to reconcile your GST, PAYG Withholding and PAYG Instalments from a published GST Report.

Create bills automatically from your published BAS or IAS, sharpen your cash flow, and groom your reporting with Razor!

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